Water Well

  • Casing Grips

    Casing Grips

    – Casing Grips

    More information coming soon.

  • Centralizers


    – Centralizers

    Stainless steel and plastic Kwik-Zip centralizers in many sizes

  • Drill Pipe


    – Drill Pipe

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  • Elevators


    – Elevators

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  • Gravel Pack

    Gravel Pack

    – Gravel Pack

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  • Grouts


    – Grouts

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  • Pipe Wipers

    Pipe Wipers

    – Pipe Wipers

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  • Sample Bags

    Sample Bags

    – Sample Bags

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  • Screen and Casing; PVC, Stainless Steel, Low Carbon Steel

    Water Well Screen Casing

    Wire Wrapped Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Screen
    For maximum screen performance potential, there are several depending factors, including wire and rod shape, construction, steel grade and microstructure, as well as slot accuracy over the full length of the screen. To meet the most demanding requests, Bilfinger Water Technologies continues to engineer and manufacture stainless steel screens from 0.7 m (2 ft.) to 12.2 m (40 ft.)

  • Well Cleaning and Disinfecting Chemicals


    Acidizing Products, Chlorine, Development Chemicals
    Benefits of these chemicals include:
    – Improves well production by removing biofilm and/or mineral encrustation from screens
    – Lengthens the life of the well
    – Improves pumping efficiency and lowers the cost of well operation