Supplemental Products

Product Name Description
AQUAGEL® Gellant/viscosifier Treated sodium montmorillonite Sodium bentonite-200 mesh
AQUAGEL GOLD SEAL® Gellant/viscosifier Sodium bentonite untreated-200 mesh
AQUA-GROUT®/BENSEAL® Grouting and plugging system Yield-rate control of sodium bentonite grouting system
BARAFOS® Thinner and dispersant Granular pentasodium triphosphate
BAROID® Weighting material Ground barium sulfate
BAROLIFT® Hole cleaning/ suspension aid Chemical & temperature stable synthetic fiber
BORE-GEL® Horizontal boring fluid One-sack boring fluid system for use in HDD
CASING SEAL™ Sealing and plugging agent Granular sodium bentonite 10-12 mesh
CON DET® Wetting agent Water soluble surfactant blend
EZ-MUD® DP Viscosifier/borehole stabilizer PHPA dry polymer
LIQUI-TROL™ Filtration control/viscosifier Modified natural cellulosic polymer suspension
PAC™ L Filtration control agent Modified natural cellulosic polymer
PAC™ R Filtration control agent/viscosifier Modified natural cellulosic polymer