Minerals Exploration Products

Product Name Description
AQF-2™ Foaming agent High expansion, liquid surfactant blend with high flash point
AQUA-CLEAR® PFD Dispersant Liquid polymer dispersant
BARAFOS® Thinner and dispersant Granular pentasodium triphosphate
BENSEAL® EZ-MUD® Slurry Sealing and plugging system Polymer treated sodium bentonite grouting system
BENSEAL® Sealing and plugging agent Coarse ground, granular sodium bentonite 8 mesh
CON DET® Wetting agent Water soluble surfactant blend
CORE-LUBE™ Diamond core drill rod lubricant Linseed-based soap
Drilling Paper Lost circulation material Shredded cellulosic fiber
EP MUDLUBE® Extreme pressure lubricant Modified tall oil fatty acid
EZ-MUD® Borehole stabilizer/viscosifier PHPA liquid polymer emulsion
EZ-MUD® DP Viscosifier/borehole stabilizer PHPA dry polymer
EZ-MUD® GOLD Clay/shale stabilizer Dispersable, low viscosity, PHPA dry polymer
EZ-MUD® PLUS Viscosifier/borehole stabilizer Liquid polymer emulsion with PHPA
HOLEPLUG® Sealing/plugging agent Sized-graded sodium bentonite 3/8″, 3/4″
IDP-381 Cement additive/filtrate control Dry, free-flowing powder designed to reduce the filtration rate and retard the set of Portland Cement slurries
IDP-670 Polymer-Based Fluid System Polymer-Based Fluid System, single sack
LIQUI-TROL™ Filtration control/viscosifier Modified natural cellulosic polymer suspension
N-SEAL™ Lost circulation material Acid soluble lost circulation material
PAC™ L Filtration control agent Modified natural cellulosic polymer
PAC™ R Filtration control agent/viscosifier Modified natural cellulosic polymer
POLY-BORE™ Borehole stabilizing agent PHPA dry polymer high molecular weight
QUIK-FOAM® Foaming agent High expansion, biodegradable liquid surfactant blend
QUIK-GEL® High-yield gellant/viscosifier High yield treated sodium bentonite
QUIK-TROL® Filtration control/viscosifier Dry modified cellulosic polymer
QUIK-TROL® LV Filtration control Low viscosity dry cellulosic polymer
Soda Ash pH adjustment/water softener Sodium carbonate