Geotechnical Products

  • Asphalt


    – Asphalt

    Black top repair

  • Augers


    – Augers

    More information coming soon.

  • Auger Bolts

    Auger Bolts

    – Auger Bolts

    More information coming soon.

  • Auger Teeth

    Auger Teeth

    – Auger Teeth

    More information coming soon.

  • Bentonite


    – Bentonite

    Drilling mud, chips, granular, grout, and pellets (coated and noncoated)

  • Concrete


    – Concrete

    4000 psi and fast setting concrete mixes are in stock.

  • Drill Pipe


    – Drill Pipe

    More information coming soon.

  • Drill Rod


    – Drill Rod

    AW, AWJ, NW, and NWJ
    API Regular and API Internal Flush
    In 5’ and 10’ lengths

  • Soil & Water Sampling


    – Soil & Water Samplers

    Split Spoons, Shelby Tubes, Brass Liners, Disposable Bailers, Geoprobe Liners, Soil samplers

  • Wire Rope


    – Wire Rope

    Classification’s of wire rope affords the greatest variety of application, and it is most popular for the following uses: dozers, draglines, derricks, scrapers, excavators, pile drivers, hoists, mining ropes, railroad car pullers and retarders, crane rigging, ship cargo runners and topping lifts, logging chockers, arch-lines, and general purpose wire rope slings.

  • Steel Drums

    Steel Drums

    – Steel Drums

    55 gallon reconditioned open top with lids and closed top