Drilling Equipment

Conventional Drill Rod

All the drill rod available at Bill Johnson Equipment Company is manufactured from cold drawn seamless steel tubing of high tensile yield strength and of controlled straightness. The end couplings are manufactured of premium quality alloy steel. Couplings can also be welded to fit your specs. All standard sizes are available.

Call in for specific sizes in stock.

Down-the-hole hammer / reverse circulationDown-the-Hole/Reverse Circulation Hammers

Bill Johnson Equipment offers both DTH and Reverse Circulation hammers.  Whatever you are looking for in a hammer:  production, reliability, speed, ease of use; we have the hammer for you.  Please call to discuss your hammer needs.

hammer-bitsHammer Bits

Bit life and penetration rate can vary depending on the drilling condition. Bill Johnson Equipment Company offers a complete range of bit sizes and face design from our industry leaders.  Most bits come in common shank sizes and styles.

tricone-bitsTricone Bits

We provide both new and used (re-run or re-tipped) Tricone drill bits.  We stock both steel and tungsten carbide bits that range in size from 2” up to 36”.  Both the steel and carbide inserts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and grades in order to address the drilling application at hand.  Here is a link to IADC Tricone Bit Classifications.

stratexOverburden / Underreamer Systems

Stratex – Stratex was designed as an overburden drilling system that advances casing while drilling. Collapsing holes tend to be a problem when drilling through the overburden.

It is used in the following applications: drilling blast holes, casing water wells, setting pilings and foundations for bridges and buildings, slant or horizontal drilling, drilling air holes for mines, environmental monitoring wells, grouting operations, seismic shot holes, soil sample, and geotechnical applications, ground anomaly and tiebacks.

Tubex Dual Rotary Ring Bits

Tubex Dual Rotary Ring Bits – The Tubex XL air rotary system is a downhole hammer system with an eccentric bit.  The tubex system is used in many types of overburden situations as well as any natural formation.   Casing sizes range from 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ in diameter.

The Tubex XL is extremely effective in alluvial outwash, i.e. boulders, cobbles, and large gravels. You might remember Tubex XL by its prior name, “Odex” Casing Under Reamer.

drag-bitDrag Bits

Drag Bits – A drag bit is a drill bit usually designed for use in soft formations such as sand, clay, or some soft rock. Uses include drilling water wells, mining, geothermal, environmental and exploration drilling. Bits can be built to the gauge tolerances required.

Well Sounders

Well Sounders – Please come see us for complete Portable Water Level Meter units available in different cable lengths from 100 feet to 2000 feet in 100 foot increments  The cables are also available in Meters. Custom cable lengths available. All units come with a  Brass Electrode and are powered by a 9v battery.

drive-shoesDrive Shoes

Drive Shoes – Drive Shoes, also known as Casing Shoes, are welded or threaded to the end of your casing and are used with all casing advancement systems to protect pipe or casing from splitting. Bill Johnson’s offers a wide range of Custom Drive Shoes in all sizes.

Cable tool style drive shoes have a straight outer surface with the bevel on the inside edge.

Rotary style drive shoes have an outside bevel above the cutting edge to ensure a good seat.

Dual rotary shoes are welded to the bottom casing section and feature carbide studs to cut through the overburden.

welding alignment clampWelding Clamps

Welding clamps feature a ratcheting closure for fast and easy aligning of pipe and provide a secure hold on pipe ends.

Inflatable Packers

Inflatable Packers – Are used to effectively isolate discreet zones at different locations over the life of a well.  This is useful during the drilling, completion, intervention, and abandonment cycles of any well. Isolation is required for testing, cementing casing or liners, treating, producing, and shutting off unwanted production and pressure anomalies.


Float Valves