Core Drilling Equipment

core bits


Core Bits

When choosing Core Bits, all ground conditions must be considered. We provide bits for all conditions including varying ground hardness, changing conditions during the drilling process, and abrasiveness of the material you are drilling through.

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Tricone Bits

PDC Bits

Core Drill Rod

Wireline/Diamond Core Drill Rod

Bill Johnson Equipment carries Wireline Drill Rod in all standard industry sizes. Our Wireline Drill Rod is constructed from high quality alloy steeland heat treated for greater wear resistance.

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Core Boxes

Core Boxes were created for effective shipping and storage of core samples.

Cardboard Core Boxes are easy to fold, durable and function in both hot and cold temperatures. Bill Johnson Equipment carries the industry leader in wax impregnated technology; they are manufactured to be the strongest, most durable core box on the market.

We also offer Wood Core Boxes for all your core size needs. These come in all standard sizes or can be custom built to your specifications.

Available Sizes: BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, Plastic core boxes are also available.

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Core Barrels

Core barrels are available for both conventional and wireline drilling systems in all standard sizes. We offer only the most efficient and reliable Core Barrels capable for any drilling condition.

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wireline head assembly

In Hole Tooling

All In-Hole Tooling is available at Bill Johnson Equipment Company including:

  • Complete Core Barrel Assemblies in all sizes
  • Wireline Head Assemblies in all sizes
  • Overshot Assemblies
  • Reaming Shells
  • Casing Shoes
  • All Other Core System Accessories

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core casing


Wireline Core Casing is available in all the industry-standard sizes.

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Wire Line Wipers


Pump out plugs

Core Barrel Wrenchs